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The Delta blues

So much for hot vaxxed summer – the Delta blues are here, and the now-prevalent COVID-19 variant is wreaking havoc on communities across the country. Even with the US finally hitting the goal of getting at least one shot into the arms of 70% of American adults, new cases have increased sixfold in the past month, with upwards of 96% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients reporting they are unvaccinated. As we read heartbreaking stories from the frontline of counties ravaged by the new variant, there seems to be only one central question: why aren’t more people getting vaccinated?

Outside of new masking rules rolling out again, healthcare leaders are pulling out all the stops to slow the spread of Delta by increasing the vaccination rate. The White House has recruited an “influencer army” on TikTok to create pro-vaccine campaigns, and more health systems across the country, including many AVIA Members, are mandating vaccines for healthcare workers. Hospitals are also turning their digital tools into weapons against vaccine hesitancy – one study found sending text messages with language to induce psychological ownership in the receiver increased vaccinations rates by over 4%. We’re in this fight against COVID together – let’s do everything we can to beat it.

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7% of consumers switch healthcare providers because of a poor experience, translating into an average of $100 million in revenue losses per hospital annually. Creating a hyper-personalized care strategy that treats consumers as individuals can increase loyalty, improve care, and prevent revenue losses. These three interconnected building blocks – know me, connect with me, and orchestrate my care – should be at the center of any hyper-personalized care infrastructure.

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  • Listen: to the wildly successful country-soul-disco-R&B mashup that is Yola’s second album, Stand for Myself.
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