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AVIA fosters connections between health systems and digital health solution companies.

Stand out from the digital crowd.

Healthcare technology sales are defined by excessively long sales cycles and countless decision makers. Every month that goes by is a lost revenue opportunity and a strain on resources. The challenge is finding health system prospects who are ready to buy. Why not let them find you?

Gain visibility with health systems.

As AVIA conducts due diligence on our Members’ interests, we reach out to solution companies best-positioned to address their most pressing challenges. Where deemed appropriate, we introduced solution companies to health systems poised for action or invite solution companies to participate in due diligence on a specific topic area.  

AVIA also works with a few hand-picked companies each year who have a groundbreaking idea or disruptive technology to make their solution a reality.  Whether it is validating the market need, testing potential use cases, or refining your product to align with customer needs, we can help you go and grow faster.

Get in front of prospects ready to buy with AVIA Marketplace.

AVIA Marketplace displays your company to all American Hospital Association members signed up for the knowledge-sharing platform. Search capabilities allow health systems to find solution companies by topic, IT requirements, pricing model, existing customers, EHR compatibility, and more, making sure they’re the right match before the conversation even starts.

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