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AVIA is your partner in digital transformation

We’re here to help you build the future of healthcare

What does it mean to be a partner?

At AVIA, partnership means long-term commitments are built into our business model.  AVIA Membership is grounded in trust, flexibility, and expertise for the long-haul.


AVIA is how health systems achieve digital transformation


  • Other firms say they’re committed to you for the long-term, but only provide support on a project-by-project basis.
  • Your peers are solving for the same challenges, and information is siloed.
  • Your capacity and resources are limited.


  • Our Membership model is grounded in continuous, ongoing support, not one-off projects.
  • The AVIA Network of 50+ Members and partners connects you to peers solving the same on-the-ground challenges.
  • Our Centers of Excellence provide on-demand access to expertise across 250+ digital capabilities and topics when and where you need it.

Whether through AVIA Membership, Consulting, or AVIA Marketplace, you’ll have a partner dedicated to building long-term relationships. We believe in trust, not transactions — just ask our Members.

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Member testimonials

To improve quality, affordability, and access, we need to accelerate practical digital solutions. AVIA helps us extend our efforts in digital to serve providers, patients, and consumers.

Aaron Martin

Chief Digital Officer of Providence

AVIA was extremely helpful, thoughtful, and intelligent about bringing ideas forward and making us think about our approach to technology; as well as understand the ROI. AVIA is really best in class!

Pamela Foster, LCSW, MBA, ACM-SW

Vice President, Care Coordination of Honor Health

In AVIA, we’ve found a partner with a strong commitment to methodology, and the Network effect is invaluable – working together with our peers is helping us innovate faster and smarter.

Jeff Keller

Chief Innovation Officer, UVA Health System