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Invest in digital care transformation models across your enterprise

Improve access, outcomes, and margins.

AVIA’s Center for Care Transformation

AVIA’s Center for Care Transformation helps your health system leverage digital tools to rethink patient care across population health, specialty care, and support for underserved populations.

Our commitment: Helping you craft and implement digitally-enabled care transformation models

Health Equity: Employ digital solutions to improve outcomes and reduce costs across  behavioral health, substance use disorder treatment, perinatal care, emergency department utilization, and more. 

Population Health: Use digital solutions to increase access, improve disease prevention measures, and encourage community collaboration. 

Specialty Care: Invest in digital capabilities to increase and retain referrals, improve care coordination, decrease costs, and remain competitive.


Does your digital strategy help your most vulnerable populations?

57% of patients have moderate-to-high risk for at least one social need: food, housing, transportation, substance use, financial insecurity, social isolation, and health literacy*. Digital can help.

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How we work with you: Accelerate time to value with a digital approach

Work with AVIA experts to build the case for digital action, craft new digitally-enabled models for the future, and quickly realize ROI.

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What you get: Digital insights & action plans for next-gen care transformation models

Develop the case for digital action, formulate digital strategies, understand the digital health market, and execute with confidence.

Capabilities include digital and care delivery models for:

  • Population health management programs
  • Behavioral and mental health diagnoses, substance use disorders, and unmet social needs
  • Community care coordination
  • Specialty care service lines
  • Health equity
  • Optimizing emergency department use

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*Abraham T. 1 in 5 patients at high risk of socioeconomic health problem, survey finds. Healthcare Dive. December 18, 2018.