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We help you connect the dots between strategy and digital to accelerate organizational transformation.

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No matter where you are on your digital transformation journey, our fast-paced and collaborative approach will help you create the digitally enabled health system of the future.

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Our consulting team has worked with health systems, medical groups, payers, and life sciences companies across the country. Informed by our work with 50+ Network Members, we’re uniquely positioned to help you craft high-impact, actionable digital transformation strategies and realize business results.

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Devise a strategy, build a plan, and organize for action with AVIA

Digital capacity: Build the foundation for digital success

  • Assess: Diagnose your organization’s innovation capacity, alignment, and execution prowess.
  • Design: Build the governance, org structure, processes, and team to support digital success.
  • Operationalize: Launch a high-performing, nimble digital innovation function.

Digital strategy roadmap: Create a customized multi-year roadmap

  • Digital Pulse Assessment: Benchmark your organization’s digital maturity along 100+ consumer- and provider-facing digital capabilities.
  • Roadmap & Business Case: Develop a tailored action plan to digitally enable your key strategic pillars.

Digital capacity plan: Discover new insights on key capabilities

  • Strategic roadmaps for virtual health, consumerism, automation, and more
  • Competitive analysis
  • Use case prioritization tool
  • Execution and operating model playbook
  • Technology recommendation

Partner with AVIA to accelerate your digital transformation. Take advantage of our deep healthcare industry expertise and broad portfolio of offerings.

Client Success Stories

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin (F&MCW): Digitally Enabling the Consumer Experience

With the guidance of AVIA, F&MCW’s leaders gained consensus and alignment around the highest-priority consumer-oriented digital initiatives to focus on in the near-term. They are currently executing the plan, using the additional layer of support they receive as Members of the AVIA Network.

“Other industries are teaching our consumers how to interact with us. If we don’t meet consumer demands, they will go somewhere else…quality is assumed, convenience is paramount.”

– Michael Anderes, President, Inception Health & Chief Innovation and Digital Officer, F&MCW

MemorialCare Health System: Virtual Health Transformation

Working with MemorialCare leadership, AVIA created a virtual health roadmap to support the 3-year development of virtual health capabilities.

“This work created an aligned plan that galvanized our operational and executive leaders to act, approving a multi-year budget for both solutions and resources.”

– Kevin Davidson, VP, Strategy, MemorialCare

Ochsner Health & AVIA

"Ochsner's relationship with AVIA and the resources they provide has pushed us to think about how we connect with our patients, and has been very important as we evolve our digital connectivity with patients." - Warner Thomas, President and CEO, Ochsner Health.

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The 4 Big Moves to Emerge Stronger: A Playbook to “Being Digital” in Healthcare

Transform your organization from “doing digital” to “being digital.” AVIA’s 4 Big Moves guide health systems to emerge stronger from COVID-19 using digital.

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