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What’s the big deal about the Big Moves?

If you’ve been keeping up with AVIA’s work over the past few months, you’ve probably heard us talk about, write about, and post about the Big Moves to Emerge Stronger. Short of hiring a skywriter, we’re doing everything we can to get these key digital moves in front of health systems across the country.

So, what’s the big deal about the Big Moves? As we guide our Members through the pandemic and into the “new normal,” we know health systems must lean into digital to stay competitive in an uncertain, rapidly changing environment. Health systems that leverage our 4 specific digital moves to transform will win big on access, loyalty, value, and cost structure — and that’s a big deal. Let’s dive in.

Industry insights

White Paper – The 4 Big Moves to Emerge Stronger: A Playbook to “Being Digital” in Healthcare [AVIA]: Discover the 4 Big Moves in detail in our white paper. Learn why you need to own the onramp, provide hyper-personalized care, double down on specialty care, and explore new work.

Consumer Interactions: Improve the Patient Experience in Healthcare with Text and Chat [AVIA]: Consumers expect the ability to interact with business through their preferred channels. Discover the role that text and chat play in creating a personalized consumer experience.

Healthcare Digital Transformation: 5 Predictions for 2021 [CIO]: How has the pandemic shaped the digital healthcare landscape for 2021? Explore the trends we’re likely to see in 2021 and beyond.

COVID-19 Didn’t Just Disrupt Healthcare, It Accelerated Industry Change [MedCity News]: COVID-19 enhanced health systems’ focuses on digital enablement and technology capabilities. Learn more about the rapid digital acceleration in healthcare.

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3/30/2021, 1-1:45 PM CT: 4 Big Moves to Emerge Stronger with Digital [Webinar]

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“Doing digital” vs. “being digital”

graph showing difference between doing and being digital

When discussing the 4 Big Moves, we talk a lot about “being digital” – but what does that mean, exactly? Health systems that are truly “being digital” are prioritizing digital investments as a core part of their enterprise-wide strategy. Leaders know that digital integration isn’t optional and work to create a durable, high-impact strategy with full stakeholder buy-in. Want to know more about how your peers are tackling this digital challenge? Join the conversation on AVIA Connect today.

Did you know? The history of individual medical records

In 1907, Dr. Henry Plummer and Mabel Root from Mayo Clinic created the first documented individual medical record. Prior to the record they developed, each physician would create their own individual ledgers, where patient information was recorded based on the doctor’s preference.

Dr. Plummer’s medical record system assigned patients a serial number, standardized information collection, and belonged to the system as a whole, not individual practitioners. He was so committed to creating long-lasting, system-wide medical records that he even identified the grade of paper and type of ink physicians should use to ensure the permanency of the records. In our opinion, that’s a pretty big moveLearn more about The Plummer Project.

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