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An eruption of disruption

August was a big month for digital disruptors. Maven Clinic proved the success of their women- and family-focused virtual care model by reaching unicorn status. Headspace merged with Ginger to transform global behavioral health as Headspace Health. Chronic disease management app Kaia Health hired five seasoned healthcare leaders from Allscripts, Microsoft, Teladoc, and more to their team. Funding across the digital health industry is still breaking records, with global investments surpassing $14.1B for Q2 2021 – and those numbers have been rising for nearly two years.

These big moves by big players (and new entrants) in the virtual health space show that digital is going nowhere fast, which is also reflected in the conversations the AVIA team has been having with our Members. Leaders are asking about how they can integrate digital into their health system at an organization-wide level and reimagine operations to fit in a digital-first future. Digital is here to stay, disruptors are making a massive impact, and it’s time for health systems to embed digital into their DNA. Let’s get started. 

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