Strategic Initiatives

Solutions / Strategic Initiatives

Focus on challenges ripe for digital transformation

Our Members are collaborating on multi-year strategic initiatives that get outsized financial and clinical results. Here’s a look at what we’ve been working on.

Consumer Driven Growth

For healthcare consumers, convenience is king

Helping health systems create new avenues for growth by transforming their digital front door into a frictionless experience.

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Medicaid Transformation Project

Delivering quality care for the people who need it most

Caring for the nation’s most vulnerable isn’t only an essential endeavor, it’s good for business. 30+ health systems have dedicated themselves to transformational change, while reducing overall cost of care.

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The 25% Challenge

Reducing administrative costs, unlocking workforce capacity

Administrative costs comprise 25% of a hospital’s total expenditures, a large portion of which are repetitive or unnecessary. Health systems are scaling digital strategies with the greatest potential to permanently reduce administrative costs.

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Children’s Hospitals Initiative

Improving the lives of children, caregivers, and parents by optimizing digital

The AVIA Network is partnering with children’s hospitals to plan and optimize an innovative path forward using digital solutions. Join us and your children’s hospital peers as we activate a digital approach to improve the lives of children, caregivers, and parents.

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