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Power your healthcare operations with digital transformation

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AVIA’s Center for Operational Transformation

AVIA’s Center for Operational Transformation helps your health system leverage digital tools to radically transform your business and grow revenue.

Our commitment: Helping you use digital solutions to transform your healthcare operations

Work with AVIA experts to find and implement digital solutions that grow revenue, improve margin, boost patient satisfaction, and promote provider and staff engagement. 

Does your digital strategy boost your bottom line?

The average 350-bed hospital misses $22M in revenue capture opportunities inside of revenue cycle per year*. Digital can help.

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How we work with you: A targeted approach across operational disciplines

Through ongoing Membership, digital insights, advisory projects, and targeted consulting, AVIA experts help you transform and automate processes across financial, clinical, and business operations.

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What you get: Digital insights & action plans for operational excellence

Develop the case for digital action, formulate digital strategies, understand the digital health market, and execute with confidence with help from AVIA’s Center for Operational Transformation experts.

Capabilities include:

  • Clinical operations
  • Clinical decision making
  • Automation strategies and platforms, including robotic process automation and AI
  • Financial operations
  • Business operations, including human capital
  • Provider experience

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*Olive Case Study: ($8.5M)