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Your care team’s ears and eyes at home…

Almost half of the U.S. population suffers from a chronic disease. And by 2030, 83.4 million U.S. adults are expected to suffer from three or more chronic conditions. The current health care model isn’t designed to support that kind of load — and providers can’t monitor all of their sick patients in person at once. Enter remote monitoring.

Remote monitoring allows patients — including those with uncontrolled chronic conditions like hypertension, congestive heart failure, and diabetes — to continuously share data from anywhere with their care team. These tools have dozens of uses beyond chronic care management, including post-episode recovery, hospital at home, school-based care, and COVID-19 monitoring to name a few. They enable patients to get the care they need when they need it to improve outcomes, drive down costs, increase efficiency, reduce the risk of readmissions, and enhance the patient experience. The time is now for health systems to enhance their virtual care strategy by leveraging remote monitoring. Let’s get started.

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In-person care models are limited in their ability to provide care for patients with chronic illnesses, and health systems are starting to look for more proactive options. Digital RM services like those listed above expand a health system’s reach and allow it to offer more robust, timely interventions.

Through AVIA Connect, our online marketplace where health care leaders research, evaluate, and select digital health solutions, we’ve compiled a report on the top 50 RM companies, defining the landscape and explaining how these solutions support patient care.

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