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Chat me (chat me) online

You can chat me, chat me anytime…

When Blondie extolled the virtues of a phone call in her chart-topping hit, she couldn’t predict a world where over 6 billion texts are sent in the US every day and 40% of millennials are engaging with a chatbot daily. After decades of relying on phone calls and call centers, many health systems are discovering their patients are singing a different tune: chat me.

In this week’s bulletin, we’ll explore the consumer interactions landscape, brought into the spotlight by COVID-19, and examine why health systems looking to attract new patients and build loyalty may need to shift their strategy. Let’s jump in.

Industry insights

  • Consumer Interactions: Explore the Patient Experience in Healthcare with Text and Chat [AVIA]: The way consumers interact with business has dramatically changed over the past few years. Consumers expect to interact with health systems like they do the e-commerce, banking, and hospitality industries, with easy-to-navigate communication options that meet them where they are. Learn how chat and text technology can transform your health system’s patient engagement and loyalty while driving growth and cost savings.
  • Are You There, Chatbot? Automated Care Grows Up [HealthTech]: AI solutions in healthcare are moving beyond a simple one-way transfer of information. Organizations like St. Joseph Health, Mass General Brigham, and the CDC all offer chatbots to help with patient education and symptom screening, especially relating to COVID-19. Learn more about how the new generation of chatbots are improving consumer interactions.
  • Not Texting in Healthcare? Here’s Why You Should [MedCityNews]: A perceived lack of communication is the primary reason for patient dissatisfaction, not a doctor’s qualifications, expertise, or the diagnosis given. Texting is the preferred form of communication for many consumers, and health systems who are creating tools to let providers securely text with patients are driving increased patient satisfaction. Explore how a unified and secure communications platform can help improve your patients’ experience in your health system.

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