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A digital preview of coming attractions…

After two years of uncertainty with the pandemic, most of us are ready for some clear answers about what the future will bring. But no matter how many times you ask your Ouija board or Magic 8 ball, you keep getting the same noncommittal responses: “reply hazy” or “ask again later.”

Even if we can’t predict what will happen with the pandemic or anything else in the next six to twelve months, much less tomorrow, one thing is clear: the adoption of digital will accelerate. We spoke to 40 health system leaders from our Member Network and discussed key digital priorities in 2022. Leaders from four of our Member health systems, which included OSF HealthCare, Boston Medical Center, INTEGRIS Health, and St. Luke’s Health System, recently walked us through what their health systems are doing to address their digital priorities. A summary of their advice? It’s hard to begin, but begin you must. Failing forward teaches valuable lessons that will help you along the journey of digital transformation. Let’s get started.

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There’s a clear difference between “doing digital” and “being digital.” Many organizations start by throwing digital solutions at problems, yet they stop short of infusing digital into their strategy across the organization. But digital isn’t a tactic; it’s a holistic strategy that every department of health systems must embrace. To transform, organizations must build a strategy focused on digital as a top priority and weave it into their strategic plan. Our white paper, “Healthcare Digitized: Building a Digital Transformation Strategy at Your Health System,” reveals a three-part process that leading health systems have used to adopt a sustainable digital strategy.

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