May the digital fourth be with you…


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May the digital fourth be with you…

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn advised Anakin Skywalker that “your focus determines your reality.” Over the last few years, the focus for health systems has been on digitally enabling the consumer experience. They’ve added technology and tools to open their digital front door and eliminate some of the friction for patients with billing, scheduling, and more.

But now health systems must take the next step. Our research shows that virtual care and automation are becoming focus areas for growth. To support this growth, organizations need to underpin technology with the right digital strategy, structure, and staffing. Perhaps most critically, they need to optimize their business model to support transformation. We’ve seen hospitals improve at “doing” digital. Now they must focus on “being” digital. Let’s get started.

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After the COVID pandemic struck, health systems were considering how to build their virtual care strategy. With access a priority for many health systems going forward post-pandemic, it’s time for organizations to begin taking an enterprise-wide approach to virtual health.

Our article Virtual Visits in Healthcare: The Past, Present, and Future dives into the capabilities required to build a virtual visit program and the questions you need to ask when building your strategy.

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