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Ops, ops, and away!

Healthcare operations have historically been laden with manual, error-prone processes that drag down physicians, administrative staff, and patients alike. With COVID-19 driving rapid digital transformation across the industry, it’s time for health systems to release their clinical and financial operations from burdensome processes and use digital to take them to new heights.

In this week’s bulletin, we’ll explore how shifting toward digital operations solutions and automation can drive revenue and drastic improvements to your patient and provider experience. Let’s jump in.

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Mar. 30, 1 – 1:45 PM CT – 4 Big Moves to Emerge Stronger with Digital [Webinar]: Join AVIA Head of Strategy and EVP Cynthia Perazzo for an overview of the Big Moves and how health systems can evolve from “doing digital” to “being digital.”

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“COVID-19 has opened a pathway where automation is seen as both essential and beneficial, and has challenged many of the beliefs we’ve held before. Automation not only has benefits in reducing cost, driving revenue, and improving patient and provider satisfaction, but it can also become a growth driver and market differentiator for health systems who fully embrace it.” – Amy Stevens, EVP, Center for Operational Transformation

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Did you know? The robot doctor will see you now

As we talk about automation and artificial intelligence in operations, it’s natural to wonder how far AI will go in healthcare. Researchers from MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital recently tested using robots to perform basic tasks, like monitoring vital signs of patients in the ED waiting room. The robots also carried an iPad so patients could speak directly to a care provider. While we’re far from getting surgery from Dr. Robot, the success of the test shows there may be a place for robots in care settings moving forward.

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