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Let’s get virtual

When Olivia Newton-John sang about getting physical, there was no way she could predict a world of computers, smart phones, Tik Tok, memes, WebMD, or a pandemic. So, we suggest a 2021 update: let’s get virtual.

In this week’s bulletin, we’ll explore the virtual health landscape, brought into the spotlight by COVID-19, and examine what the “new normal” of virtual health will look like. Let’s jump in.

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  • 2/23/21, 1-2 PM CT: Manual Processes are Out: How to Automate Your Revenue Cycle
  • Recording: Outlook on Virtual Visits: Lessons Learned and What’s Next for Health Systems |  Access the recording and slides
  • Recording: The Future of Ambulatory Care: 4 Keys to Success  |  Access the recording and slides

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Virtual visits workshop

Join a small group of health system leaders for our four-week virtual visits series, designed to help you scale long-term, sustainable virtual visits solutions.

You’ll work with peers and AVIA consumerism experts to examine current and future virtual visit workflows​​​​, assess staffing options to scale, and gain insights into emerging models.

Get more information, and contact us to learn more and register.

AVIA Expert Spotlight

“Our Members are off to the races in 2021 with virtual visits. We’re seeing them set targets to deliver between 10-25% of care virtually and explore new care and staffing models to support these efforts. We expect the technology market to continue to move rapidly this year, and that health systems will expand their work in other virtual health capabilities including virtual triage and specialist consults.” – Kathryn Austin, Director, Center for Consumerism

Just for fun

While virtual visits make it easier for physicians to meet with their patients, it doesn’t mean that patients have stopped trying to self-diagnose, as this Reddit user proves:

Doctors of Reddit, what is the most outrageous self-diagnosis that you’ve heard from a patient?

“My mom took my sister and me to the doctor when we were kids because we had weird bumps all over the back of our tongues. We were diagnosed with tastebuds.” – /u/tacosplusmequals


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