[White Paper] Building an Enterprise Precision Medicine Strategy


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Precision medicine is one of the most promising frontiers of medicine, but most health systems have failed to embrace it at the strategic level. The result has been promising yet inconsistent adoption and a failure to capture its true value and transformative potential. For health system leaders, the time to embrace a coordinated enterprise precision medicine strategy is now.

In our new white paper, “Building an Enterprise Precision Medicine Strategy: The Promise of Precision Medicine,” we explore how the strategic implementation of precision medicine across the entire health system can drive better clinical outcomes, new revenue streams, and competitive advantage. We also lay out the three critical ways that health systems can standardize and support their existing precision medicine efforts—and the consequences for not doing so.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How precision medicine is already transforming clinical care
  • The potential organizational benefits of precision medicine
  • Why a strategic precision medicine strategy is essential for capturing its full ROI
  • The three key pillars of supporting precision medicine at the strategic level

Precision medicine represents a transformative opportunity for health systems, clinicians, and patients alike, but only if it is embraced and properly nurtured across the entire organization. Don’t be left behind—learn how to begin unlocking precision medicine’s true potential at your health system today.