CEO Insights on Driving Digital Transformation


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In today’s digital-first world, it’s essential that health systems embrace digital, embedding it into their DNA to not only survive but also compete and thrive. In AVIA’s work with more than 55 health systems, we recognize that the speed and decisiveness with which healthcare leaders act on digital will have long-term implications for their organizations.

To uncover how health system CEOs are approaching this work, we are kicking off the first in a series of conversations with AVIA Member CEOs who have embraced digital, discussing their journey and the role digital plays in the success of their organization. In this conversation, AVIA CEO Linda Finkel talked with Dale Maxwell, President and CEO of Presbyterian Healthcare Services, and Timothy Pehrson, President and CEO of INTEGRIS Health, about the role that digital plays in their health systems’ strategies.

If you’re on a digital transformation journey, you don’t want to miss this discussion. Maxwell and Pehrson address a range of topics including competition, differentiation and the role of disruptors, where they’re investing with digital and why, and their advice to others on a digital transformation journey.

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