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There’s no place like home

Even if we’ve seen a little too much of our homes in the past year, we can all agree that home is a pretty special place. While a hospital can feel like a second home to many patients with chronic care needs, it can’t replace the comfort and security of their actual home.

In this week’s bulletin, we’ll explore why more health systems are creating hospital-at-home models to provide quality care for patients in their own homes, bolstered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Acute Hospital Care at Home program. Let’s dive in.

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Spotlight: Dr. Gregory Goodman, Home Attending Physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“The key components of getting started with a hospital at home program are clinical, technology, and logistics. They all factor into measuring success and ensuring safety. At BWH, we started small. We had one doctor and one nurse. Over the last few years, our program has tripled in size. We’ve doubled the number of doctors on call and really thought through the operational piece of things. We have a passionate group of people who are aligned with BWH’s mission to take the best care of our community.”

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Just for fun: Dude, where’s my couch?

Couches are a centerpiece of your home, and it’s hard to feel at home without one. But, as one group of people found, not having a couch can create an opportunity for bonding during COVID-19 isolation. The New Yorker explores how missing couches and an accidental email CC created a unique community full of bad jokes, commiseration, and matchmaking. Read “Dude, Where’s My Couch?” in the New Yorker

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