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The 25% Challenge

Administrative costs comprise 25% of a hospital’s total expenditures, a large portion of which are repetitive or unnecessary. Health systems are scaling digital strategies with the greatest potential to permanently reduce administrative costs.

Reducing administrative costs, unlocking workforce capacity

Why Digital Transformation

Reduce costs without compromising quality. It’s been the unachievable vision for decades, but that’s changing fast. Digital technologies offer health systems an opportunity to fundamentally transform the way they address administrative burden in their organizations and realize massive cost savings.

From clinical operations to business operations to reimbursement, health systems can harness the potential of digital solutions across their enterprise to increase revenue, improve margins, and unlock workforce capacity.

How to Create Impact

Participants in our 25% Challenge are taking action to reduce administrative costs and provide superior care. Here’s how:

  • Operational efficiency: Identify where digital solutions can boost productivity of support functions in your organization.
  • Care delivery: Streamline the administrative aspects of care to improve patient and provider experiences.
  • Financial performance: Integrate digital tools to improve the financial operations, revenue, and margins of your organization.

Digital Spotlight: Transforming Everyday Operations Through Technology

One AVIA Member deployed a digital chatbot solution to simplify health insurance information for call center employees, resulting in:

  • $5M+ in billing questions addressed
  • 65,000+ patient conversations fielded
  • 92% of patient questions answered
  • 80% decrease in “call bouncing” rate
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