“New work”: Defining your healthcare automation & operations strategy


Use digital to transform healthcare automation and operations strategies. Here’s how:

Traditional healthcare operating models are grounded in manual, labor-intensive processes that reduce operational efficiency and increase cost. There is a better way. “New work” starts with a commitment to automation at the enterprise level. An effective healthcare automation strategy should involve an assessment of current shared functions, including end-to-end clinical asset management, revenue cycle, predictive workforce staffing, provider directory & credentialing management, IT operations, and other operational infrastructure. AVIA’s latest white paper is a guide to the future of work, as part of its four “Big Moves.”

  • Move #4: New Work – Convert core operating processes, work, and assets to automated platforms that optimize cost structures and deliver values.

Transform from “doing digital” to “being digital” to redefine the future of work with AVIA’s Big Moves.

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