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Consumer Driven Growth

Helping health systems create new avenues for growth by transforming their digital front door into a frictionless experience.

For healthcare consumers, convenience is king

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Why Take Action

  • 50% of tech-savvy consumers would leave their current doctor for a better digital customer experience
  • 45% of Gen Z does not have a primary care physician, compared to only 16% of Baby Boomers
  • 80% of consumers have said they are willing to seek care for minor illnesses at retail clinics

Why Digital Transformation

Consumers want to feel well as fast as possible. What is your organization doing to enable that in ways that your competitors are not? From new digital-first primary care models and virtual visits to provider search and online scheduling, every digital interaction must create ease and engagement to accelerate your patients’ path to health.

Pairing digital excellence with your expansive services, physical locations, and all other existing assets and advantages is the only proven route to sustainable success in this radically changing competitive environment.

How to Create Impact

Here are some of the ways that participants are taking action:

  • Search to Schedule: Create convenient access through digital capabilities that include provider directory, transparency, search, and scheduling.
  • Triage, Navigate, and Treat: Streamline access to care through solutions like virtual triage, low-acuity care navigation, asynchronous virtual visits, and synchronous virtual visits.
  • Consumer Interactions: Enable personal interactions through consumer-grade apps, as well as two-way communication through chat and text.
  • Integration: Ensure every digital touchpoint connects seamlessly to foster consumer delight.
  • Enabling Business Models: Maximize the impact of your digital capabilities through enhanced approaches to same-day care, low-acuity care, and direct-to-employer strategies.
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Create a consumer-grade digital experience for your patients — something that rivals the ease-of-use of Airbnb or Lyft — or risk being lapped in a race you can’t afford to lose. This is the existential dilemma that health systems face, as they work to prepare for the rising tide of consumerism.