Consumers have options. Activate your digital transformation strategy with AVIA’s Big Moves to win.


digital front door

Leverage digital to connect with consumers before they enter your four walls, and use data to create a personalized care experience. Here’s how to create your digital transformation strategy:

COVID-19 has changed how patients use digital to access care. Health systems that capitalize on this accelerated digital transformation will win. AVIA’s latest white paper is a guide for winning consumers with a digital transformation strategy in a post-COVID world with four “Big Moves.” 

  • Move #1: Own the Onramp – Enable a flexible supply & demand model oriented toward consumer demand while optimizing the capacity of existing assets to meet that fluctuating demand. 
  • Move #2: Hyper-Personal Care Orchestration – Establish a strong data foundation to develop an “n-of-1 view” of the consumer.  

Transform from “doing digital” to “being digital” to capture consumers with AVIA’s Big Moves.

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