[Toolkit] Streamline Legal Contracting with AVIA’s Contract Accelerator Toolkit


Legal contracting is often a barrier to quickly implementing digital health solutions. Siloed departments with varied requirements and vetting processes get in the way of efficient procurement.

To combat an often overly-complex and extended legal contracting period, AVIA has created the Contract Accelerator Toolkit in partnership with legal leaders from Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin health network and St. Luke’s University Hospital Network. The toolkit helps take the friction out of digital health solution legal contracting by:

  • Making solution implementation faster by shortening the vendor contracting process
  • Clarifying the due diligence process to avoid late-stage fire drills
  • Creating one standard document for health systems and solutions companies to work from with universal contracting language

Legal Contracting Made Simple

The Contract Accelerator Toolkit features four components:

  1. IT and Security Items Reference Guide: Informs solution companies of IT and security-related questions in advance so they have ample time to prepare sufficient responses.
  2. Pre-Intake Essentials: Identifies red flags with essential IT and risk management questions for health systems and solution companies to together identify risk and avoid late-stage pitfalls
  3. Fair Market Agreement Terms: Specifies consistent legal terms to standardize language across parties.
  4. Business Arrangement Framework: Presents all relevant solution company information in advance to attorneys drafting the contract.

Are you ready to accelerate your legal contracting process? Download the toolkit today!