AVIA Bulletin – Vaccines are here: Here’s how digital is playing a role


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 Moderna and Pfizer and AstroZeneca, oh my!

“I will never again have to explain what an epidemiologist is.”
– Janet Rich-Edwards, associate professor at Harvard, when asked what will never return to normal after the pandemic.

While many of us spent the past year at home becoming amateur epidemiologists, scientists from around the world produced a COVID-19 vaccine in record time, getting the first shots to front-line workers and older populations last month. ​Now as Americans wait for their turn in line, health systems face one of the most daunting vaccine deployments of our time.

In our first AVIA Bulletin, we explore all things vaccine: what health systems can expect, and how they can push through obstacles to get the vaccine in the arms of America. Let’s dive in.

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Did you know? The smallpox vaccine and its impact on the Revolutionary War

Did you know? The smallpox vaccine and its impact on the Revolutionary War

As we celebrate the COVID-19 vaccine, we’ve also learned about vaccines of the past that had a major impact on our country, including helping the U.S. win the Revolutionary War. Check out this explainer from National Geographic to learn how George Washington leveraged a controversial inoculation tactic to protect American troops from smallpox.

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