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AVIA Connect is the industry’s platform for accelerating digital transformation.

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Multiply the power of your team with AVIA Connect, the digital platform that connects healthcare executives with best-in-class resources and engagement tools. AVIA Connect brings together our Network Members’ collective experience to help you capture the benefits of digital and transform your business.


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Prioritize Digital Opportunities

  • Assess digital capabilities across your business and prioritize high-value opportunities for digital health investment.
  • Measure performance over time and compare your progress to our Network.

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  • Leverage AVIA Connect as an extension of your team for digital health insights and expert hands-on support.
  • Explore vetted solutions for your priorities and choose the right solution for your organization.

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  • Connect with peers tackling the same challenges you are, on the same scale you are, and with the same type of requirements.
  • Incorporate their lessons learned into your approach.
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At a time when quick analysis and action is more important than ever, the American Hospital Association, in collaboration with AVIA, is introducing a free new resource for its members – the AHA Digital Pulse – to help hospitals and health systems assess current digital capabilities and plan for the future.