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AVIA Connect is the leading online marketplace for health care leaders to research, evaluate, and select digital health companies and solutions.

Find and select digital health vendors

We make it easy to search and shortlist vendors by topic or EHR integrations, browse a list of a vendor’s current health system clients, and use the Match Score to understand how similar your organization is to a vendor’s existing client list.

AVIA Connect simplifies and adds transparency to the vendor selection process, helping hospitals and health systems leverage each other’s experiences to make better decisions together.

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Prioritize Digital Opportunities

  • Assess digital capabilities across your business and prioritize high-value opportunities for digital health investment.
  • Measure performance over time and compare your progress to our Network.

Accelerate digital transformation

  • Leverage AVIA Connect as an extension of your team for digital health insights and expert hands-on support.
  • Explore vetted solutions for your priorities and choose the right solution for your organization.

Connect with fellow health systems

  • Connect with peers tackling the same challenges you are, on the same scale you are, and with the same type of requirements.
  • Incorporate their lessons learned into your approach.
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