UHC and AVIA Announce Contestants for Annual UHC Start-up Challenge

UHC and AVIA Health Innovation today announced the five digital health care startup companies who will compete in their annual “UHC Startup Challenge.” The Challenge will take place on Friday, October 2 in Orlando as part of “Advance: UHC Annual Conference 2015.”

The UHC Startup Challenge will provide five digital health care startups the opportunity to present a new, innovative product in front of the conference audience, which is made up of nearly 2,000 health care professionals. Audience votes will be tabulated in real-time with the winner being announced at the conclusion of the competition.

UHC, which recently combined with VHA Inc. to form the largest member-owned health care company in the country, is excited to again host this event. “The UHC Startup Challenge is an engaging and interactive way to highlight a few of the latest innovations in digital health care to our members,” said Barbara Anason, senior vice president, academic medical centers networks and strategy. “This is a novel way to learn about new ideas designed to help improve the quality and delivery of health care in our country.”

The companies participating in the UHC Startup Challenge were selected in partnership with AVIA Health Innovation, healthcare’s provider-led accelerator. The five contestants are:

  • Augmedix, the world’s first Google Glass startup, will present how a physician can extract medical information from audio and video data recorded from the physician’s perspective during a patient’s visit.
  • Binary Fountain will present how to engage with patients via campaigns and publishing features, including a suite that monitors reviews, feedback, social media, Web commentary, and mentions from surveys to bring all aspects of the patient experience into a single, integrated platform.
  • Gauss Surgical, Inc. will present their flagship product, Triton, a FDA-approved, iPad-based platform for accurate, real-time monitoring of surgical blood loss. Images captured by the application are processed using cloud-based computer vision and machine learning algorithms to estimate hemoglobin loss on surgical sponges and blood-bearing containers within seconds.
  • Vital Score, Inc. will present their digital health platform that enables doctors to engage 70% of their patients in population health referrals and better self-care. Vital Score’s data has a combination of patient goals, preferences, and disease and behavior profiles that can support strategic planning and allocation of resources to engage patients in outpatient and community resources.
  • Wellframe, Inc. will present their Intelligent Care Management Platform which delivers complex care plans to patients on their mobile phones in a simple, personalized “health checklist” that dynamically adjusts based on patient adherence. Clinicians can communicate with their patients and each other through a HIPAA-compliant channel from Wellframe’s Web-based Clinician Dashboard, which also provides real-time insight into patients’ health and enables providers to prioritize interventions.

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About UHC

Effective April 1, 2015, UHC, the alliance of the nation’s leading academic medical centers and VHA Inc., the national health care network of not-for-profit hospitals, combined into a single organization. The combined organization is the largest member-owned health care company in the country and is dedicated to leading health care innovation, creating knowledge and fostering collaboration to help our members thrive. The company serves more than 5,200 health system members and affiliates as well as 118,000 non-acute health care customers. Members range from independent, community-based health care organizations to large, integrated systems and academic medical centers, and it represents more than $50 billion in annual purchasing volume. Headquarters are in Irving, Texas, with locations in Chicago and other cities across the United States.

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