Healthcare AI is coming here. Are you ready?


More than a dozen leading health systems have joined AVIA’s Generative AI Strategic Collaborative

Generative AI is poised to transform the delivery of healthcare, lower costs, and revolutionize the patient and provider experience—but the healthcare industry has only barely set foot on the path toward unlocking AI’s revolutionary potential. Healthcare has historically been slow to adopt and deploy new technology, but this “wait and see” approach has already begun to place health systems and solution companies alike at risk of being outpaced by explosive disruption and competing interests. AI is part of the technology future necessary to transform healthcare and meet the explosive demand of the next decade, and the industry can’t afford to be left on the sidelines.

The time to act is now. In response to overwhelming interest from member health systems and association partners, we’re excited to announce the launch of the AVIA Generative AI Strategic Collaborative, a unique consortium of health systems, experts from healthcare and technology industries, and government leaders coming together to address some of the most pressing questions in healthcare AI adoption and identify actionable and immediate steps for the industry.

The AVIA Generative AI Strategic Collaborative will forge a practical and actionable toolkit for safe, ethical, and innovative use of healthcare AI. In addition to taking an active role in the pioneering work of generative AI adoption, participating organizations will get access to expert, board-ready, network-validated research on this critical emerging field using shared resources and expertise, instead of struggling to go it alone.

The AVIA Collaborative is focused on AI at the front lines of technology adoption in healthcare, with an emphasis on actionable and practical tools and roadmapping. Our participants are among the first health systems to perform serious and thorough research into the practical side of AI adoption, supported by leading experts in healthcare AI, ethics, and regulatory oversight. They are gaining critical insights into the “now, near, and far” for:

  • Key opportunities and risks
  • IP and Data Rights/ Ownership
  • Privacy and Regulatory implications
  • Priority Use Cases for immediate benefit
  • Governance Oversight and Deployment Framework and Recommendations
  • Federated AI Trust Framework
  • Ethics, Patient Transparency, and Health Equity Framework

We look forward to sharing the full list of participants soon, as we finalize our expert panel and begin the groundbreaking work of collaborative research and playbook definition. For further information, contact Scott Cullen, M.D., EVP of Strategic Innovation and Chief Clinical Officer at