[White Paper] The Future of Ambulatory Care: 4 Ways to Harness Digital Solutions

Sonia Singh, Vice President, Center for Consumerism and Emily Davis, Analyst, AVIA

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Creating a sustainable ambulatory care network with digital solutions

The ambulatory care network has been drastically impacted by COVID-19. As COVID-19 hospitalizations surge again, health systems are still recovering from the spring’s first wave: delayed elective care, furloughs, PPE shortages, and staff burnout. Amidst these struggles, the pandemic has accelerated digital trends in care delivery. Virtual visits have become table stakes, price transparency is mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as of January 2021, and health systems continue to try to improve patient access through virtual channels.

Ambulatory care networks now have the opportunity to emerge stronger. Those that act boldly to capture patient volumes will fare better than those that take a passive approach to digital.

Our latest white paper, The Future of Ambulatory Care: 4 Ways to Harness Digital Solutions, details how health systems can implement digital solutions to create a successful, sustainable ambulatory care strategy through:

  • Harnessing newfound agility
  • Personalizing the patient experience
  • Prioritizing provider support
  • Reconfiguring the strategic playbook

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