The polls are open. Here’s why AVIA’s office is closed.

Linda Finkel, President and CEO, AVIA


“Corporate social responsibility” has taken on new meaning in 2020. The usual annual volunteer days, employee donation matches, gift drives, or charity events just don’t seem to hit the mark this year. What does it mean to take social responsibility as a corporation in 2020? To take social responsibility as a leader?

It means creating space for teams to feel, to reflect, and to act. This is why AVIA is putting a hold on our business tomorrow and Wednesday. Work should not get in the way of your right to vote. As executive leaders, we have a responsibility to make it easy for our teams to participate in our democratic process. In fact, several AVIAns plan to volunteer at the polls on Election Day. While AVIAns have the option of working on Election Day, we are not scheduling any meetings during the day through Wednesday morning. No matter your politics, this election will take a toll. We’re making space for our team to feel and reflect. 

As a partner to our health system Members, AVIA has a front row seat to the effects of COVID-19. We don’t just advise on digital strategies to combat this crisis. We study health inequity. Our eyes are open to the widespread racial injustice 2020 has shined a spotlight on. As leaders, our role isn’t just to motivate teams for business results. We must foster a culture of social responsibility that transcends one-off efforts and activates our collective civic duty. 

As I stated in my post about Black Lives Matter earlier this year, at AVIA we are called to create a radically different future. This future is possible when we lead with purpose and create space for our teams to act. No matter your industry, your company, or your role, take action this Election Day. Make your voice count. If you didn’t already vote early…. See you at the polls!