AVIA expert spotlight: Tiwi Oye, Director, Client Engagement and Corporate Strategy


tiwi oye headshot

At AVIA, we’re proud to work alongside healthcare’s top thought leaders in digital transformation. We sat down with Tiwi Oye, Director of Client Engagement and Corporate Strategy at AVIA, to learn about digital transformation challenges, trends, and what she loves about her work.

What do you do at AVIA? 

I’m the Director of Client Engagement and Corporate Strategy. On the client engagement side, I am a partner in action for health system executives and operational leaders, working with them to identify areas of focus based on their internal needs and industry trends. Based on this analysis, we’ll develop a digital strategy, gain stakeholder buy-in within the health system, and then partner with the Centers of Excellence to deliver on the strategy. 

On the corporate strategy side, I have the privilege of sitting at the table with senior leadership to help them address and solve pressing issues facing AVIA.

You talk with AVIA Members every day about digital transformation. What are their biggest digital challenges?

Digital solutions are tools that can help health systems achieve their goals. However, in my four years at AVIA, I’ve seen that digital solutions alone don’t remedy the core challenges facing health systems. 

Where many health systems get stuck and where AVIA partners with them is in the organization around digital. Instead of just implementing digital solutions, we work with teams to develop strategies around organization-wide digital transformation. Some of the questions I help health systems solve include:

  • How do we think about a new business and operating model to support digital? 
  • What stakeholders need to be at the table to streamline conversations and allow for innovation?
  • How do we effectively choose areas of focus within digital to maximize the impact on our organization?
  • How do we create the right package to gain buy-in for new digital initiatives? 
  • How do we ensure that we have the right level of executive support and attention?

What are you excited about in the digital health space right now?

Apps: I’m excited to help Members identify the right kind of app capabilities for their unique communities. There is so much power in this modality as it allows health systems to find creative ways to bring users to the app and keep them engaged. A well-done app can put the focus on the “health” part of healthcare, which is incredibly exciting. 

Wellness: We’re seeing many organizations that have dropped the “care” from their name, exploring what it means to support the health of their community. I’m excited by health systems that are willing to take a risk on wellness without the promise of an immediate ROI. They recognize the community need for wellness services and step in to fill that gap. These services can minimize the number of patients who show up to emergency rooms with expensive care needs that could have been managed elsewhere. 

Data: It’s exciting to see data coming together in healthcare. Health systems hold an enormous amount of data that has not been utilized in a meaningful way, and we’re finally starting to see them work to stitch it together to tell a longitudinal story about their consumers. 

Having full context around patients not only matters to the health system but also to caregivers like me who are supporting friends and family with acute care needs. This data allows us to show up more meaningfully and intentionally for our loved ones and manage their care efficiently based on facts, not anecdotes or snapshots. 

What do you enjoy most about working for AVIA?

I love the people I get to work with at AVIA. I’m consistently impressed by the diversity of experiences that my coworkers have, and how those experiences shine when it comes to strategic and operational conversations we have with clients and internally. 

Additionally, as a growth-stage company, AVIA offers a multitude of opportunities to explore and grow beyond what you were hired to do. I don’t think many companies let you try something new and learn without fear of being reprimanded if you fail. I think we are where we are today because of our willingness as a company to keep testing, reflecting and learning. 

I’m also very proud of AVIA for our intentional stand around diversity, equity, and belonging. It’s not just something that we’ve put out statements about – we’re organizing and executing tangible changes across the company to make AVIA a welcoming, diverse, and equitable place to work. 

Why do you think Members enjoy working with AVIA?

We’re not your typical healthcare firm. I think Members love the energy that AVIA brings, from how we show up on calls to our willingness to dive into the fray alongside our Members. Our long-term relationship with Members also allows us to embed into their health system and provide extremely personalized, meaningful work that they may not get with a traditional consulting company. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Tiwi’s work and how AVIA can help you reach your digital goals, contact us today.