[Download] Radical Reinvention: Future Proofing Your Health System


Health systems face a monumental task: navigating a series of far-reaching industry crises that have upended traditional business models, while simultaneously positioning themselves to take advantage of emerging technologies and innovations that stand to revolutionize care delivery. It’s a make-or-break challenge for the industry and traditional strategies and incremental improvement won’t be enough. 

Informed by interviews with more than 70 executives from major health systems and technology companies, you’ll hear how industry leaders are grappling with healthcare transformation, the major challenges still facing the industry, and how you can position your own organization for success in our bold new digital future.

You’ll learn:

  • How the workforce crisis, rapid pace of change, and shifting consumer expectations have disrupted the traditional health system business models
  • Why trusted, digital-first experiences and connected care are the future of care delivery
  • Why the healthcare workforce of tomorrow must be remote, agile, and technically adept
  • What care journeys will look like in healthcare’s always-on, A.I.-enabled future
  • The five key dimensions of successful transformation: Consumer, Care Delivery, Workforce, Operations, and Business Models
  • The key investments your organization needs to make to survive today and thrive in the new frontier of healthcare