Need for speed: Navigating financial headwinds with digital


Health systems face tremendous financial pressures in the wake of workforce reductions, inflation, and declining reimbursements. They need to make changes today that will rapidly improve their bottom line and position them for long term sustainability.

Digital is the only way to fundamentally redesign the cost structure for sustainable operations to support systems like yours meet their mission and margin. How? By reducing demand for labor and the unit costs to serve, digital allows you to do more with less in the long term.

During our webinar,  Need for speed: Navigating financial headwinds with digital, we outline immediate, high-impact, moves that your health system can make using digital that will deliver significant ROI for your system.

Your health system can’t afford not to act now. We’ve outlined “no regrets” digital capability areas and a playbook that will allow your organization to structurally reduce reliance on high cost labor in the short term while continuing to make progress on your broader digital transformation goals.


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