Leveraging Digital to Make Your Clinical Assets Work For You, Not Against You

Hosted by AVIA

Leveraging Digital to Make Your Clinical Assets Work For You, Not Against You

June 23, 2021, 12 – 1:30 PM CT 

Do you know how many medical devices you have across your system and which ones need to be replaced? Most organizations utilize only 40-45% of the assets in their inventory on a daily basis with “peak” daily utilization hitting 60-65% utilization. Despite this, medical equipment can represent 25% of annual capital expense.

Digital clinical asset management solutions are designed to optimize asset utilization, drive cost savings, and protect against growing cybersecurity threats. In this webinar, leading health systems and their digital solution partners will discuss the benefits of clinical asset management and how to create a secure, robust and results-driven medical device management program.  #ReshapeClinicalAssetMgmt

*Restricted to health systems only*

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Speakers for “Leveraging Digital to Make Your Clinical Assets Work For You, Not Against You”

Amy Stevens, EVP, Digital Strategy Performance and Practice Lead, AVIA
Amy has held significant leadership roles across the healthcare spectrum, including health systems, clinical integration organizations, ambulatory services, and physician practice management. At AVIA, Amy leads the work to match the pressing problems and business drivers of member health systems with viable digital solutions in the market, and scan the horizon for emerging opportunities that can propel the innovation agenda forward.

Stephanie Spector, Manager, Center for Operational Transformation, AVIA

Steph is a Manager at AVIA’s Center for Operational Transformation. In her role, Steph drives AVIA’s due diligence in healthcare operations capabilities for established and emerging spaces. She helps AVIA’s health system members prioritize their technology needs, understand the digital health market, develop a case for action, and successfully execute their digital strategies. Prior to her role at AVIA, Steph worked as a digital strategy manager at HCA Healthcare, where she developed strategic insights and enterprise roadmaps to execute a well-defined, far-reaching, and forward-looking digital transformation strategy.

Kristi McDermott, President of Clinical Engineering, TRIMEDX
Kristi McDermott serves as president of clinical engineering for TRIMEDX, leading the growth in commercial operations as well as the service in our clinical engineering field operations. Kristi has been in the healthcare industry for over 25 years, and in the healthcare technologies space for almost 10 years. Previously, Kristi served as vice president of growth and vice president of field operations for Aramark Healthcare Technologies. She has served in numerous operations roles, including account manager and district manager, before becoming vice president of compliance for the Aramark Healthcare division, driving compliance initiatives across the corporation.

Joseph Ouellette, Clinical Systems Engineer, Yale New Haven Health System
Joe has been with Yale New Haven Health System for 10 years. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut in Biomedical Engineering, as well as Master’s Degrees in Clinical Engineering, also from UConn, and Healthcare Informatics, from Sacred Heart University. Joe did his two year CE internship at the West Haven VA, where he was first introduced to medical device security by leading a major network segmentation and ACL initiative. Since joining Yale, Joe has integrated almost 10000 devices to the EMR, contributed to developing a first of its kind Neonatal ICU Connected Care secondary alarming system, and been a leader in medical device security initiatives. 

Thomas Finn, Director of Customer Advocacy, Medigate
Tom was the former editor of Healthcare Matters, a contributing editor to Forbes and remains a contributing author to several publications. Tom has been the first business executive hired by technology innovators from MIT, the University of Cambridge and Carnegie Mellon University, so getting high-brow intellectuals and early commercial adopters on the same page is a battle-tested communication skill that Tom has had ample opportunity to hone over a 30-year career. Tom earned his undergraduate degree at Allegheny College and went on to the University of Taipei to continue his study of Mandarin.