Me, myself, & I: Improving experience and outcomes with hyper-personalized care


Patients aren’t just defined by their clinical records—they represent a complex collection of preferences, needs, demographics, and socioeconomic factors. As consumer expectations grow, the ability to tailor care directly to the “whole” person has emerged as a powerful differentiator for health systems. By adopting hyper-personalization and “N-of-1” care at the strategic level, health systems stand to grow revenue, boost patient loyalty, and improve outcomes and health equity

Watch our on-demand webinar for a look at how health systems can prepare for the coming standard of “N-of-1” care.

You’ll discover:

  • How consumer digital experiences have raised patient expectations for personalized care
  • How personalized approaches to engagement and care orchestration drive better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction
  • What health systems like yours can do now to begin your journey towards hyper-personalized care

You’ll also hear from Jen Magaziner, Vice President of Digital Health for Boston Children’s, about the health system’s journey towards hyper-personalized care, and gain insight into how to get buy-in, create strategic alignment, and develop an effective roadmap towards implementing a hyper-personalized strategy at your own health system.