Going Virtual: Navigating the Future of Virtual Care

Hosted by AVIA

As we move forward in a post-COVID-19 era, many patients and providers still face challenges when engaging in a virtual care world. Health systems need to evaluate their strategies and how they can improve their virtual care offerings to make them more appealing to consumers and a more integrated part of how care is delivered in a seamless patient and provider experience. 

From improving workflows to changing care models to engaging providers, building next-generation virtual health programs can seem daunting.

Join AVIA, for a webinar Going Virtual: Navigating the Future of Virtual Care, with the Cleveland Clinic, Born Group, and Cooper University Healthcare, as we explore how the rise of virtual care platform solutions are impacting health system strategies and consumer experiences to drive long-term growth and provider efficiency. 

During the webinar, you’ll discover:

  • What’s top of mind for health system leaders when developing virtual care strategies
  • Why it’s imperative that health systems lean into virtual care, and how it will change the way care is found and received 
  • What health systems can learn from retail consumer advertising about driving meaningful digital engagement and increasing consumer acquisition and loyalty 
  • Strategies for overcoming challenges and gaining stakeholder alignment when creating a virtual care program