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AVIA fosters connections between health systems and digital health solution companies.

AVIA matches healthcare enterprises with digital solution companies.

We provide:

  • Business development
    – Identify a critical mass of the right customers that are ready to act, co-develop, or invest.
    – Heighten brand visibility through AVIA’s relationships with national healthcare media and exclusive Network events.
  • Health System Engagement
    – Achieve sustained engagement with key influencers and decision makers to cement system-wide support for scaled initiatives.
  • Contract Navigation
    – Navigate complex health system processes like due diligence and decision-making to streamline contract signing.
  • Implementation Support
    – Create the path to scaled adoption, not disjointed pilots, with AVIA’s implementation playbooks and support.
  • Results Measurement
    – Create and track clear metrics that propel pilots to scale and publish joint case studies that drive marketplace recognition.
  • Commercial Growth
    – Grow stronger faster with fundraising advisory support, sales pitch feedback, and product-market insights from the “voice of the customer.”


AVIA Vetted Badges

In response to the needs of AVIA Members, AVIA conducts due diligence around specific topic areas. AVIA vets companies and products, evaluating the strength of the product and the health of the company to award AVIA Vetted badges.

Solutions that receive an AVIA Vetted badge have been proven to address one or more challenges effectively based on the needs and criteria of AVIA Members. These products receive an AVIA Vetted badge in AVIA Connect.

AVIA also conducts diligence to award Market Validated badges. AVIA market validated solutions are determined to have market traction—such as successful adoptions, moving to scale, and/or positive reviews—in addressing a specific challenge or topic. These products receive a Market Validated badge in AVIA Connect.

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