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Medicaid Transformation Project

Caring for the nation’s most vulnerable isn't only an essential endeavor, it's good for business. 30+ health systems, payers, and community partners have dedicated themselves to transformational change, while reducing overall cost of care.

Delivering quality care
for the people who need it most

Why Take Action

  • One in five Americans is covered by Medicaid
  • 50% of U.S. births are financed by Medicaid
  • The #1 payer in the country for behavioral health services is Medicaid

Why Digital Transformation

Caring for Medicaid and other vulnerable populations is a core mission for many health systems. Now, the business case for better care has never been stronger. New payment models incentivize integrated and coordinated care, as well as focus on addressing social needs. Rapid and scalable innovation has emerged from companies focused on the needs of the vulnerable.

From behavioral health and maternal health to substance use disorder and chronic disease, health systems can scale care models and digital innovations that deliver sustainable, quality care for all people in their communities and achieve lasting results.

How to Create Impact

Here are some of the ways that participants in our Medicaid Transformation Project are taking action:

  • Community-Centered Care: Address social determinants of health, including housing instability, food insecurity, and transportation challenges, in coordination with a community network.
  • Maternal and Infant Health: Give every baby a healthy start in life by strengthening engagement with new parents and parents-to-be, and reducing practice variation with clinical decision support.
  • Behavioral Health: Strengthen the care delivery ecosystem by integrating mental health screenings with physical health exams, improving workforce capacity through digital, and expanding substance use disorder treatment capabilities.
  • Chronic Disease: Reorient the current episodic, acute-oriented treatment model to one that supports longitudinal patient management and empowers patients to self-manage their conditions.

Our Advisors

Leading national policy experts are advising this initiative and guiding its efforts, including:

Andy Slavitt

Andy Slavitt

Chair for the Medicaid Transformation Project, former Acting Administrator of CMS, and General Partner at Town Hall Ventures

Vikki Wachino

Former Director, Center for Medicaid & CHIP and Deputy Director, CMS

Molly Coye

Molly Coye


Spotlight: Medicaid Transformation Project Phase One Report

The Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP) is proud to release its Phase One Report, which summarizes the results of its first two years of work to improve care for those who need it most. Since its launch in 2018, MTP has generated over 150 actions across 30 health system Members, representing 378 hospitals in 28 states.

These actions include new apps, virtual visits, and mobile devices to monitor patients, plus operational changes to extend care beyond the four walls of the health system. Read the Report to learn about the Project’s findings, trends, and success stories.

How to the Join Phase Two

The first phase of the Medicaid Transformation Project set the stage for collaborative action that will have an even greater impact on vulnerable communities. Phase Two will expand the Project’s ecosystem and welcome payers, community health centers, and other local/regional partners into the community because transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Phase Two payer and provider Members will collaborate and coordinate demonstration projects in local markets to drive greater, more sustainable impact. By working together in new ways, payers and providers can accomplish more and bring meaningful change to their vulnerable patients.

We’re actively recruiting health systems, payers, and community and regional partners to participate in the next phase of this national movement. Email to get started.

The Medicaid Transformation Podcast

The Medicaid Transformation Podcast examines the vision and work required to transform the health and care of vulnerable populations, featuring in-depth interviews with health system CEOs and Medicaid leaders.

Download the Medicaid Transformation Project Phase One Report

This Phase One Report shares findings, trends, and success stories from the Project’s first two years.

Download Now

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Disparities in health and healthcare disproportionately affect vulnerable populations. The Medicaid Transformation Project’s commitment is to close the gap in care and outcomes in communities in need through a renewed focus on innovation and investment.