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Children's Hospitals Initiative

AVIA’s Children’s Hospitals Initiative optimizes Members’ digital strategy to improve the lives of children, caregivers, and parents.

Improving children’s lives
by optimizing digital

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Why Take Action

  • 50% of today’s children have millennial parents with high expectations for care differentiated on quality, outcomes, cost, and convenience
  • 50% or more of all enrollees in Medicaid are children, but reimbursement to children’s hospitals covers only 78% of the cost for care provided to Medicaid patients
  • Up to 30% of children in the US must travel more than 80 miles to see certain pediatric subspecialists
  • As of 2018 there was a shortage of pediatricians, with only ~28,490 general pediatricians caring for more than 73 million children in the US
  • Only 1 in 20 hospitals in the US is a children’s hospital, resulting in the need to serve large geographies

Why Digital Transformation

Pediatric care providers are facing formidable obstacles — family dynamics, reimbursement challenges, and workforce shortages, to name a few. Meanwhile, parents and caregivers are eager to engage institutions that deliver high-quality care and minimize inconveniences.

It’s essential for children’s hospitals to embrace digital transformation as a way to increase access by broadening their catchment areas, retain patient loyalty, and improve their reputation.

How to Create Impact

With a strategic focus on the highest-impact opportunities, AVIA works with children’s hospitals to create a digital roadmap and action plan, accelerate decision making, and produce measurable, benchmarked clinical and business ROI. Here are a few examples:

  • Pediatric Remote Monitoring: Focus on capabilities to improve clinical care, expand the reach of providers, free capacity for higher-acuity patients, and reduce children’s hospitals’ costs.
  • Consumer-Driven Growth Initiative: Expand access to care, engage healthcare consumers, and improve their experience by participating in an initiative that includes pediatric-specific implications and considerations for building out your Digital Front Door.
  • Membership That Evolves to Meet Your Changing Needs: Dynamic content and focus areas that evolve to address the needs and priorities that matter most to you, whether it is bringing care back to your hospitals after the COVID-19 surge, or implementing a comprehensive digital strategy to address both new and long-standing financial challenges.

Delivering pediatric care is rife with obstacles relating to family dynamics, reimbursement challenges, workforce shortages, and geographic complexities. AVIA is excited to create a network of like-minded children’s hospitals who seek to unlock the power of digital to solve a myriad of pressing challenges.

Marc Griffin

Vice President, Children’s Hospitals Strategic Initiative, AVIA

Join a Growing Network of Leading Children’s Hospitals

AVIA’s Children’s Hospital Members share market knowledge and collaborate on digital health initiatives via in-person and virtual events, supported by AVIA Connect, the industry’s leading platform for digital health innovation.

Discover how digital innovation can have an outsized impact on pediatric care. Contact us today.

Improving Financial Performance for Long-Term Sustainability

Our latest report shares five alternative revenue streams for children’s hospitals and key financial questions for consideration in a post-COVID world.

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