HIMSS, AVIA Role Out New Platform to Promote 'Next Generation' Technologies

Dan Verel–(MedCity News)–The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society and AVIA have co-developed what they describe as a new platform to promote the adoption and use of “next generation” technologies among healthcare providers.

The platform, called HX360, aims to include all types of technologies that could help with some of healthcare’s more vexing challenges, said DR. Roy Smythe, CEO of HX360.

So what sort of technologies and what sort of problems does that include?

“HX360 is interested in all new generation technologies, but has a specific interest in those that change and improve the ‘processes’ of care delivery, rather than just new ‘tools’ for treatment or diagnostics – the latter including things like surgical robots and proton beam radiology delivery systems,” Dr. Smythe told MedCity News via email.


Next generation essentially means non-EHR technology. Technologies that assist in bringing the care closer to the patient and engage them in wellness and prevention will be among the priorities.

“To be a bit more granular, an example would be a ‘smart’ glucometer that transmits glucose readings to a central analytics database, and pushes relevant information to the patient in real time based on trends, with human intervention possible if those trends stray too far afield,” Dr. Smith said. “It is safe to say that many of these technologies help patients by empowering them to take more control, or to receive more actionable health or illness information in real time.”

With the help of provider-focused accelerator AVIA Health, a host of “contemporary provider challenges” were developed. The list includes care coordination, patient experience improvement and post-acute care management, existing patient retention and new patient acquisition, among others.

“HX360 wants to focus on the areas where it can get traction and action,” Dr. Smythe said.

The list of provider challenge areas will be curated by a group of HX360 advisers and other experts every year.

Both HIMSS and AVIA are based in Chicago.

Dan Verel writes about how hospitals and health insurance companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to transform the industry — from health IT to telemedicine to healthcare social media.