From AVIA Senior Advisor Molly Coye: The Stimulus Bill, Pink Collar Recession, And How Healthcare Leaders Are Stepping Up To Keep Women In The Workforce


“I am most concerned about the terrible mental health burden on our employees, and most of all on women,” said Molly Coye, MD, speaking to the disastrous toll Covid-19 is taking on women in the workforce, particularly those in healthcare. Dr. Coye is an Executive in Residence at AVIA, a network for health systems looking to innovate through digital solutions which also mentors more than 50 large health systems on tech selection, adoption, and implementation.

“Women in healthcare bear the greatest share of personal and family challenges, as the primary caregivers for aging parents and teachers for their children. In a time when our work is rapidly changing and often frightening and overwhelming, their strength and perseverance is truly remarkable — but I worry,” said Dr. Coye.

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