AVIA and Care Coordination Institute Forge Strategic Partnership to Propel Clinically Integrated Networks

Relationship focuses on accelerating innovation to speed the transition to value-based care

CHICAGO — (BUSINESS WIRE) — AVIA, the leading network for health systems seeking to innovate and transform, today announced a relationship with the Care Coordination Institute (CCI), whose mission is to empower transformation for better health. AVIA and CCI will support the deployment of digital solutions by clinically integrated networks (CIN).

Based in Greenville, S.C., CCI is a novel organization that helps healthcare providers like Greenville Health System (GHS) and Palmetto Health – two of the biggest health systems in South Carolina – implement clinically integrated networks by designing and delivering new models of care. CCI offers health systems operational services and strategic advising to execute population health strategies and accelerate healthcare transformation efforts. Services include evidence-based clinical guidelines, analytics, reporting, and education. CCI shares its commitment to innovation and collaboration with AVIA, whose very successful relationship with GHS spurred this new partnership.

The AVIA Innovator Network brings together health systems to solve pressing challenges by identifying and scaling the best digital solutions. Developing a successful CIN requires a similar transformative approach to people, process, and technology. CCI will leverage AVIA’s pulse on the landscape’s most promising digital opportunities, selecting the best solutions to support a high-functioning CIN. AVIA’s Network will also inform CCI of shared strategic challenges like behavioral health, patient experience, and virtual access. In turn, AVIA members will interact with CCI to better understand progressive CIN models. A member of the CCI team will be embedded at AVIA six weeks per year for rapid cycle development and testing of new ideas. The AVIA team will prepare CCI for successful implementations by supporting problem identification, business case development, operational planning, and implementation design. The result will be a faster process and confident decisions, accelerating successful integration efforts.

“This collaboration gives CCI valuable insight into the innovation activities that AVIA’s leading health systems deem most critical, while affording AVIA direct connection to CCI’s care transformation process,” said Blix Rice, vice president of Innovation and Transformation at CCI. “Our objective is not simply to compare notes about existing information but to manage ideas together and create new knowledge to unleash organizational learning that alters the healthcare landscape. The capabilities of AVIA and CCI complement each other very well to realize this vision.”

“CCI’s expertise and innovative approach towards operating new care models couples brilliantly with AVIA’s knowledge and process rigor around scaling digital solutions,” said Eric Langshur, CEO and co-founder of AVIA. “This partnership will be a powerful combination in accelerating healthcare transformation.”

About AVIA
AVIA runs the nation’s leading network for health systems seeking to innovate and transform through digital strategy. The AVIA Innovator Network brings together action-oriented health systems to solve pressing challenges that are ripe for digital innovation. Network members collaborate on strategic initiatives like consumer engagement and post-discharge success. With AVIA’s rigorous process and the power of collaboration, members identify, deploy, and scale the best digital solutions to achieve financial and clinical impact. The result? Health systems accelerate their pace of transformation – moving faster with greater confidence. Learn more at Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About the Care Coordination Institute
The Care Coordination Institute (CCI) provides services and solutions to meet the evolving needs of clinically integrated networks, healthcare providers and organizations. Working in partnership with the customers and partners it serves, CCI designs and delivers innovations to advance health and accelerate the transformation of health care together. Learn more at Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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