Our winning bracket: Virtual care and personalization


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Our winning bracket: Virtual care and personalization

Consumers have greater access to virtual healthcare than ever before. The variety of options in the market is only making it more confusing for consumers who report already feeling flummoxed by their healthcare experience. Perhaps that’s why disruptors like Amazon are entering the virtual care market, sensing that consumers are primed for a more convenient, personalized experience. With 8 simple words — “Alexa, I want to talk to a doctor” — Amazon now links consumers to a provider through Teladoc, day or night.

For health systems to compete in the virtual (bracket) market, they need to eliminate friction points by automating their workflows, including scheduling and billing. But perhaps no step is as important as using their data to start treating patients as individuals, not as a generic chunk of the population. As new entrants continue to flood the healthcare market, health systems must transform their personalization strategies and virtual care offerings. Let’s get started.

Industry insights

Health systems that want to grow their virtual engagement need to focus on the three building blocks of hyper-personalized care, as we discuss in our article “Get personal: Building a hyper-personalized care strategy”:

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