Nursing your staff back to health…


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Nursing your staff back to the health…

They say “health is wealth,” and these days, feeling physically and mentally healthy is worth a million bucks. Healthcare workforces have been struggling with the burdens of high turnover rates, heavy staff workloads, and unsafe patient ratios for years. The COVID-19 pandemic only intensified the stress of many of these challenges.

We’ve been thinking about these issues a lot lately, as May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The U.S. Surgeon General even issued a warning encouraging health systems to take steps to ease health workers’ burdens so they can have more productive time with their patients, communities, and colleagues1. We developed a digital impact framework designed to address staffing woes and ease work demands2. While this issue is front and center now, it’s something that health systems should keep on their radar year-round given the risks of burnout and its impact on the quality of patient outcomes and safety. Let’s get started.

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Personnel shortages are a top concern for many health system CEOs. From physicians and nurses to lower-wage employees such as medical assistants and nursing assistants, health systems’ labor pools are shrinking — fast. While some health systems are throwing money at the problem, that doesn’t solve the underlying issues: the frustrations of work demands and taxing hours combined with staffing problems.

Our article Boosting healthcare workforce resiliency: Two solutions to create workforce supply and flexibility proposes two ways, namely predictive staffing tools and marketplace staffing solutions, to address today’s critical workforce needs.

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