[Report] Medicaid Transformation Project: Phase One Report


medicaid transformation project report

Medicaid Transformation Project: Delivering innovative care for the people who need it most

The Medicaid Transformation Project is a national, collaborative effort from 30 health systems to transform healthcare and related social needs for the nearly 75 million Americans who rely on Medicaid.

The Phase One Report shares findings, trends, and success stories from the Project’s first two years, plus a glimpse ahead into Phase Two. You’ll learn:

  • How health systems are addressing community-based care, behavioral health, maternal and infant health, and substance use disorder.
  • Why the business case for better care has never been stronger.
  • What digital solutions and innovative care models health systems are implementing and early results.
  • How MTP is organized for action.

As you learn about Phase One, we invite you join us for Phase Two. We have opportunities for health systems, payers, and community and regional partners to participate in this transformative work.

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