How to improve specialty care through a digitally-enabled experience



Compete in an ever-expanding market by leveraging digital to improve your specialty care service lines. Here’s how:

Specialty care is now “shoppable,” with price transparency slowly but surely becoming available to patients. Patients have more avenues to explore than ever before as they seek specialty care. Health systems that use digital not just to capture the consumer, but to foster a superior specialty care experience, will win. AVIA’s latest white paper is a guide for winning patients and improving specialty care with digital, as part of its four “Big Moves.”

  • Move #3: Specialty Care Double Down – Invest in a digitally-enabled, frictionless specialty care experience for patients, providers, payers, and employers. 

Transform from “doing digital” to “being digital” to grow and improve specialty care service lines with AVIA’s Big Moves.

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