Hot takes from CEOs on digital transformation


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Hot takes from CEOs on digital transformation

AVIA Members regularly tell us how much they value the opportunity to collaborate with the 55+ leading health systems and industry organizations that are part of the AVIA Network. We recently had the pleasure of talking with the CEOs of two Members, Dale Maxwell from Presbyterian Healthcare Services and Timothy Pehrson from INTEGRIS Health, about their digital initiatives.

In a wide-ranging discussion, these leaders touched on topics including where they’re investing their dollars in digital, how they’re using digital to address challenges such as back-office functions, and what they’re doing to accelerate change in their health systems. They also know they can’t do it alone. Get a closer look at how Presbyterian and INTEGRIS are driving digital transformation in healthcare. Let’s get started.

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We recently kicked off the first in a series of conversations with AVIA Member CEOs who have embraced digital. AVIA CEO Linda Finkel interviewed the CEOs of Presbyterian Health Services and INTEGRIS Health to learn what they’re doing to adapt their health systems to today’s digital-first world.

Get inside their heads to learn how they’re approaching digital transformation at their health systems. The CEOs talked about how they are responding to the pandemic and threats from disruptors. Along with how they balance their digital investments to ensure their health systems are contending with today’s problems as well as preparing for the future. You’ll uncover how they’re using digital to build in innovations, such as hospital at home and other virtual care platforms to improve access and clinician experiences and more.

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