Heading for a digital-first future


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Rocking the boat…

It may feel like the water is choppy with disruptors and startups alike dropping their anchors on the healthcare industry. Health systems are working to stay afloat with digital. A digital strategy is imperative in order to survive and thrive in the rapidly shifting healthcare landscape.

Digital is one of the best ways to tackle some of the significant issues facing our industry today. To do this, health systems need to intertwine digital with their existing strategy and gain alignment on the overall vision and goals. It is a realistic roadmap to becoming a digital organization, supported by data and designed to address a health system’s unique challenges while accelerating the achievement of their goals. Let’s get started.

Industry insights

Report of the week

The traditional care model treats all patients as part of a population segment as a whole. But it’s important to make healthcare more personal for a number of reasons, such as ensuring that health systems offer care equitable to under resourced populations. When health systems move toward a data-driven, personalized care model that views the patient through a proactive, longitudinal lens, they can improve access to high-quality care.

Our white paper, The health equity imperative: How health systems are using digital to provide more equitable care, reveals how digital solutions can start reducing inequity for communities of color and low-income populations.


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