AVIA’s Guide to Scaling Healthcare Innovation


Only provider organizations that are able to transform will thrive in an era that incentivizes high value, quality, reliability, and patient touch. Transformation in these areas requires a series of successfully-scaled innovations. The challenge for executives is to build an operating model and culture that consistently supports disruptive innovation in healthcare, from promising early results to enterprise-wide implementation. This guide shares many of the key ingredients of AVIA’s process of supporting innovative health systems striving to scale technology innovations.

You’ll learn:

  • How to align key stakeholders around a strategically relevant problem
  • How to develop a project charter to prepare for effective and efficient implementations
  • What steps to consider when planning for initial and scaled implementations
  • Ways to promote and measure success over time

Whether you are leading healthcare innovation programs or implementing new digital technology solutions, this guide will provide you with essential building blocks to leverage healthcare innovation and achieve enterprise-wide transformation.

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