AVIA Summit 2024: Taking insights to make an impact


AVIA Summit 2024

During our annual AVIA Networking Summit, leaders from across the U.S. join us in Chicago to delve into topics that are crucial for today’s health system.

The U.S. healthcare ecosystem is at a tipping point. Radical reinvention is not just possible, but necessary. Consumers are demanding it, technology is ready to scale up, and — most importantly — patients, their caregivers, and providers deserve it.

The AVIA Network represents one in every nine hospitals in the U.S., serving over 42 million patients in 2023. That puts us in a unique position to drive transformative change to better serve our communities.

During the annual AVIA Network Summit, we were surrounded by 43 health systems and 16 solution companies. Our gathering offers a unique opportunity to glean insights from visionaries like Susannah Fox, former HHS Tech Leader and author of “Rebel Health…”, who passionately advocates for a patient-led revolution in healthcare. The enlightening discussion between Magdala Chery, DO, Product Inclusion & Equity Program Manager at Google, and Angelique Richard, PhD, Chief Operating Officer at City of Hope, underscores the critical importance of equity, leadership, and the reimagining of health innovation. By harnessing the collective wisdom and expertise of these leaders and our Members, we are able to use everyone’s insight to help make a larger impact.

Unlocking Healthcare Transformation: AVIA’s Insights and Innovations

What I love about Summit is that it is a gathering, a community of like-minded individuals with a shared vision and an urgency to act… To make health care more sustainable and more accessible. We are not just participants in the evolution of healthcare, we get to be its architects, Sonia Singh said.

Our annual report, Radical Reinvention: Future Proofing Your Health System, sets the stage for health systems to not only make a significant impact but to fundamentally transform their role in the future of healthcare. Sonia Singh, Chief Insights Officer and the report’s author, collaborated with 70 industry leaders to define a vision for the next phase of healthcare’s digital evolution. The report outlines several key domains of transformation that will define that evolution:  consumer experience, care delivery and care models, workforce transformation, operational transformation, and innovative business models.

Summit gave us a chance to delve into the report’s five key areas. Several of our Members, who are already progressing on this journey, openly contribute their valuable insights on consumer experience, care delivery and care models, and innovative business models.  

During the Orchestrating Trusted Consumer Experiences panel, experts from Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Medical University of South Carolina, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Providence Health, and RUSH University Medical Center, discussed how health systems that built consumer trust fostered more engaged, accepting, and loyal patients. While the consumer experience has improved significantly, existing gaps still cause friction. By orchestrating a seamless consumer experience, health systems can create a connected and coordinated journey across the entire healthcare continuum, utilizing context to identify and implement the next best actions for patients.

The AI-Enabled Specialty Care and Care Team session had speakers from Ballad Health, Endeavor Health, Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin, Medical University of South Carolina, Providence Health, RUSH University Medical Center, and Houston Methodist, who highlighted how disruptors in the healthcare space could provide easy access to care but still lacked visibility into whole-person health, unlike established health systems.

Health systems are uniquely positioned to build long-term patient relationships and loyalty, but achieving this requires breaking existing cycles and implementing new digitally enabled processes.

During the Building a Digital Enterprise with Automation and AI session, we explored how automation and AI could free up the healthcare workforce, allowing caregivers to focus more of their attention on the actual work of delivering care. Members, Boston Children’s Hospital, Endeavor Health, Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin, Houston Methodist, Medical University of South Carolina, MedStar Health, RUSH University Medical Center, and University of Kansas Health System, shared their progress on this journey, with some still relying on fax machines, while others are leveraging AI to manage long wait times by sending patients gift cards for free coffee, easing staff burden, and rewarding patient patience.

Currently, many health systems are only scratching the surface of automation, using it primarily for task augmentation to boost productivity. However, the future holds potential for more transformative applications, such as process transformation to reduce costs and operating model disruption to enhance effectiveness. To achieve this, health systems must develop robust strategies, establish an enablement model, and enhance their infrastructure to execute and scale automation across various care settings.

Introducing Hugo, Our AI-Powered Insight Co-Pilot

At AVIA, we are on a mission to empower healthcare organizations to achieve digital success with greater speed, discipline, and impact. 

Imagine if Chat GTP and AVIA had a baby….

To do that, we enable healthcare leaders to achieve the extraordinary through membership, consulting, and the AVIA Marketplace. But we still want to do more, so we’re introducing Hugo. Hugo is your AI-powered insights co-pilot, ready to answer questions, deliver critical information, and expand your team’s capabilities 24/7. During the Summit, attendees experience the power of Hugo.

Hugo is an extension of our expertise. Built on the bedrock of our project successes and countless hours of research, Hugo taps into the knowledge base we’ve meticulously assembled—frameworks, company profiles, case studies, and the full breadth of AVIA and Marketplace.

Celebrating health systems with the AVIAwards

AVIA is immensely grateful for our Members’ trust as they navigate their digital transformation journeys alongside us. With 65 health systems in our network, we’re honored to drive meaningful change together. 
This year, we’re thrilled to announce the winners of the AVIAwards, recognizing those who are leading the charge in digital innovation. Their dedication to improving patient care and reshaping healthcare inspires us all. Congratulations to our remarkable Members for their outstanding achievements.

AVIAward winner
  • Online Scheduling – Ochsner Health
  • Virtual Visits (synchronous) – Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Online Check-in – Memorial Hermann Health System
  • Remote Patient Monitoring – Ochsner Health
  • Social Determinants Screening – Northwestern Medicine
  • Ambient Documentation – MemorialCare
  • Virtual Nursing – Houston Methodist
  • Best in Consumerism – Ochsner Health
  • Best in Clinical Operations – Houston Methodist

In the realm of healthcare, bold reinvention isn’t just essential; it’s well within our reach. At this year’s Summit, the resounding message is clear: the time to initiate or advance the reinvention of healthcare is now. While the need for transformation spans from the consumer to the workforce level, it’s important to acknowledge that building a digitally transformed health system is a journey that cannot be rushed.

AVIA’s vision is to leverage our collective wisdom to make health systems more accessible, empathetic, and ultimately more effective for everyone. As we navigate this path forward, let’s remain steadfast in our commitment to sparking meaningful change and shaping a future where healthcare truly serves every individual.