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Strengthening your digital core

Recently, we heard about a hospital that bought remote monitoring devices but didn’t have a remote patient monitoring program in place that would maximize the impact of the tools and lead to actual clinical benefits. The story is true across many digital initiatives – in the past, health systems launched digital solutions, but were disappointed to not see the massive improvements they were expecting. As digital adoption becomes widespread across the industry, the need for the processes, infrastructure, governance, and people to support digital is becoming crystal clear. There is no question that digital can drive transformative change, but it requires a broad, organization-wide investment in the governance structure and strategies to make the solutions a long-term success. 

Health systems have to embed digital into their DNA – beyond just releasing a solution and expecting results – in order to survive in the face of retail-first entrants, digital-first behemoths, private equity-backed disruptors, and aggressive payers seeking to provide care themselves. If your organization hasn’t started building digital into your core strategy, it’s time to start now. Let’s get digital.

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graph showing age range and social media timeline of gen z and millennials

Millennials and Gen Z’s comfort around technology goes far beyond helping their grandparents troubleshoot computer issues. As this visual shows, digital technology in some form has been present for the entire lives of both generations, making them the first true “digital natives.” What does this mean for health systems that have been catering their services to older generations?

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